PHOTO TESTIMONIALS - Where do you take your SkinnyLegs™

Hiking through the Andes

Jaime in a Mudder

The peaceful shores of Lake Ontario

On the beach in the Dominican Republic.

My wedding on the weekend! I love my toned arms


What a difference a year makes with SkinnyLegs™

”The first picture - June 2011 - is horrible and one I didn't know was being taken but it's a full body shot. The second one was taken just a few days ago - almost a year to the day of the first. Granted this one is from behind but I think you can tell the difference. The crazy thing is, when the first was taken, I was playing Ultimate Frisbee twice a week and had been doing a bootcamp class for more than a year.”


”Skinny legs has been an ultimate life changer for me. Before starting, I was very self concious and always worried about how I looked. I regularly went to a variety of classes and tried many different gyms. I was never happy with my looks until I started Skinny Legs. Immediately my arms and legs were tighter! I am feeling more confident about my appearance as each month goes by. With my wedding nine months away, I am certain that Susan is going to have me dress ready!”


”Skinny legs has transformed my body from bulky to tight and toned, with a noticeable reduction in cellulite. I've gained higher self confidence and I feel amazing after every work out. Even after a year, I'm always sore the next day, which goes to show how much time and dedication is put into planning routines that will target different muscle groups each week. Skinny Legs keeps me photo shoot ready at all times, which is exactly what I need!” Lisha Cash @Lishacash


”I never thought that there would be before and after pictures of me on the internet. Never. I won’t go on about the physical changes since I’ve started with SkinnyLegs, because it’s obvious from the photos. What I will go on about is how outstanding I feel. All those things people tell you about exercising and feeling great? It’s true. I have more energy, I sleep better, I can run to catch the streetcar or carry a giant pile of laundry up three flights of stairs without needing to catch my breath. The list goes on. Last year, I went on that so-called 'trip of a lifetime', hiking 43km – at altitude – in Peru to see Machu Picchu. I couldn’t have done that before SkinnyLegs.

I’m excited to be an almost three year SkinnyLegs veteran! One of the best things about the program is that classes were challenging (but still very friendly and accessible) when I started and was totally out of shape, and continue to challenge me as I get stronger and fitter. I don’t think I’ll ever stop! ”


”I had been taking a boot camp class as a student for a year, then became an instructor and did four classes a week for a year. I can’t count the number of squats and lunges but it’s clear in the photo that my legs had grown into huge muscular masses. My butt was also larger than ever, my arms just arms, my abs built out and none of my clothes fit.

I am beyond ecstatic with the program to not only find my inner thinner self but I am in the best overall body shape ever, and only getting better and better! Look at my arms! Strong and toned yet feminine!”

”Had to send you this picture and thank you for zero cellulite (or at least not any noticeable) and killer back muscles that are subtle, not masculine, but awesomeeee!!! Thanks for my beach bod, couldn't have looked good without you! ”

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