See what our Skinny Gals say about SkinnyLegs™

I'm digging it

”I just wanted to let you know I'm digging the class. My abs are definitely firmer! ” (a.p)

Honestly would not have believed it!

”I was thinking back to this time last year and how upset I was about having to buy a new (bigger) size of clothes for myself, and now here I am a year later so incredibly happy with the tiny new me that you created!! Honestly would not have believed it if someone told me last year what Skinny Legs could do for me but now I'm sold and looking forward to starting 2014 feeling great :) ” (H.MM)

She’s not laughing now

”I had to pull myself out of my car using my arms because my legs were so sore. Felt stronger than ever doing them Tuesday night but am hobbling around today. My intern (a professional cheerleader) laughed at me until I made her do 10. She’s not laughing now. ” (s.e)

Girly legs!

”used to ride (horseback) and was an irish dancer so always had big legs. I never thought I’d have girly legs! ” (t.r)


”Last night’s class was awesome. The backs of my legs are killing me today – in a good way! Since I started doing your classes for the first time in my life I do not have a flat butt! I’m constantly amazed at the little muscles you focus on and then actually seeing results. Just wanted to send a little shout out to tell you how brilliant you are!! ” (P.M.)

Did not like boot camp at all

”Thank you so much for the class last night, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have recently gone to a couple boot camp classes and did not like them at all - I don't enjoy being yelled at and pushed beyond my limit on my free time. But your class was exactly what I have been looking for. ” (p.L)

Never anything like this

”I have tried A LOT of fitness classes but never anything like this, it works! I LOVE IT! ” (t.r)

I have never committed but...

”I have never committed to any fitness class but I LOVE this one! ” (s.p)

My husband has noticed

”My husband has already noticed a difference when he puts his arms around me! ” (t.r)

Benefit of skinnylegs

”Side benefit of skinnylegs, When someone posts a picture of your ass on the internet, you don’t mind. ” (s.e)

Secret love

”My shoulders hate me this week. But they secretly love me too.() ” (r.n)

My chiropractor noticed

”I forgot to mention to you that my chiropractor (who I have been seeing for hip issues since giving birth over 2 years ago) has noticed a huge difference in my hips and adjustments "staying".., I think it's all that "pork chop" work! ” (T.R)

All-dance, All-cardio

”I just wanted to send a quick email to say that I LOVE the "all-dance, all-cardio" you put together. It is a great way to get cardio in and forget that it's work! Super fun. ” (K.S)

Great class

”great class ...though I feel that the earths gravitational pull impedes my bouncing abilities but I am thinking that will shift with time but I will forever be a super spaz! music was awesome and honestly being in a non gym environment and outdoors was so fabulous!! ” (k.D)

I love it!

”I can't believe how well your class works, my waist is tinier , my arms and my thighs , I'm addicted . I'm going to get my sister to come with me one of these days to check it out , so let me know a really tough week to sign her up for lol. Thanks again for your awesome workouts , everyone keeps commenting on how skinny I look , literally everyone, and I've only lost about 5lbs . But I'm so much more toned now , I love it! ” (T.R)

Extra push

”Needing a little extra push to stick to a workout programme, Skinny Legs has been amazing for me... not your average class. Susan's commitment to perfect results is truly sincere, she puts a lot of passion into her classes, and we all feel the results for sure! Hooked forever!! Ps, my inner thighs are so stiff today! ” (S.P)

I am thinking about you

”Thanks for the class on Tuesday. I am thinking about you every time I lift my arms or take a step :). I'm looking forward to Thursday's class! ” (T.R)

Wicked tough

”Susan - the class was wicked tough but honestly, my back feels straighter today and my core more engaged! ” (k.p)

Don't dred going

”It's working so well, I've never had such good results so quickly , it's addictive ! This is the first workout class I've gone too that I actually don't dred going to! So cheers! ” (T.R)

Prepare for swimsuit season!

”Susan is a fantastic instructor who is able to suggest alternative movements based on individual fitness levels. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking to become more active, or wanting to prepare for swimsuit season! ” (groupon, unknown july 10 2013)

My glutes are talking

”my glutes are telling me last night's class really worked them hard! () ” (c.f)

Next Day.

”In two years I haven’t been this sore! ” (i.f)

It's working!

”thanks for a really great class yesterday. I'm >stiff today so I'm sure it's working! ” (e.m)

What a lift!

”I feel like my tuchis is still hooked up around my ears, is how I feel. Also like I could sleep for a week. I may be relaxed enough to be sore by the end of the day, heh. ” (d.s)

I feel it!

”That was a good class last night. I feel it EVERYWHERE today. ” (R.N)

I cannot live without SkinnyLegs

”I realized that I cannot live without SkinnyLegs, so I'm rejoining your classes… Excited to get back!! ” (c.c)

Nice change

”Really enjoying the classes, nice change from my regular type fitness classes ” (T.V)

Just 3 lbs

”“So, how much are you lifting these days?” (triathlete admiring SkinnyGal’s arms) Response, 3 lbs ” ()

OMG your butt looks AMAZING

” I went out on Saturday night and my friend was like OMG your butt looks AMAZING and you're so friggin tiny! Thanks SO much for making my legs super small and lifting my butt” ()

I notice and appreciate how much thought and effort you put into each routine.

”Just wanted to say again how great the class was yesterday. I notice and appreciate how much thought and effort you put into each routine. Last night totally took it up a notch, and a challenge is supposed to be a good thing! My ass is still buzzing today! But doing it from higher up on my body than the day before :). Awesome!” (k.S)

The results from Skinnylegs are SO much more noticeable.

”Yeah it's so great that you offer the third day! It's funny because I used to do Bootycamp classes a couple of years ago and I had you and another woman as a teacher. The results from Skinnylegs are SO much more noticeable. I've always had bigger legs and they bulk easily so this has been really effective. Thank you!!” (e.g)

My pork chop is cooked !!!

”The dance cardio where we do the can cans and the other song where we do the toe taps against the wall, really make me sweat ! My heart rate was up high that's for sure! I was soaked when I got home ... Gross , but I love it!! ” (t.R)

Enjoying your classes

”PS – Even with my bad knees I am enjoying your classes. ” (M.W)

So sore ! Love it!

”Oh my goodness! My inner thighs!!! So sore! Love it!!” (K.G)

Feeling it!

”They do hurt.(legs) Abs too. Even that yucky armpit/bra fat area is sore. ” (S.E)

Loving it!

”What a great class last night. I am a little sore this morning but I love it (I might be singing a different tune tomorrow!). ” (J.B)

Next Day!

”I felt my second bum this morning Susan...lol...great workout...really enjoyed it....see you Friday!!! ” (M.D)

Feeling great!

”Thanks again, I really enjoy the class and how I feel afterwards! ” (J.K)

Excellent all over body work out

”Really enjoyed first class. Excellent all over body conditioning & work out. Look forward my next class Wednesday. ” (L.H)

Confident in a Bikini again

”I joined Skinny Legs two months ago and my goal was to get in better shape for my trip away in March. I am proud to say that I finally have the confidence to wear a bikini for the first time (in a long time) because my body is firmer and toner everywhere. ” (S.H.)

Can definately see the difference

”Love the class, and will be renewing after my Feb month is over! Shoulders and arms are always killing me!!! But in a good way....... I can definately see the difference in my legs:) Thanks Susan:) ” (p.g)

We've been raving about it

”We totally love Skinny Legs and hopefully two of our friends will be able to join us in March as we've been raving about it from day 1. ” (j.r)

Showing off my new arms

”I was just showing off my new arms to my boyfriend. I have been working on my arms for years with weights and have never seen this kind of definition and results. I am so happy! Thank you! ” (J.D)

Enthusiastic group and knowledgeable instructor make it work

”Happy to be part of such an enthusiastic group and very knowledgeable instructor.” (g.)

Entire body is engaged

”So I realized why I love Skinny Legs and why I enjoy it soooo much more than a regular boot camp. It's because of the dance based movements. Not just that they are based on ballet (the leg attitude for example) but because while one leg is doing something or one half of the body, the other part is also engaged. This is exactly what happens in dance and ballet in particular. At no time are you ever just standing still, your entire body is engaged even if it's just to help you stay upright. Instructors always tell you to use your core but because of the dance moves Skinny Legs uses, you really have no choice but to engage your core a lot more than you realize.

Anyway, I can barely lift my arms today and my abs are very sore not to mention my calves but I feel great and I did not loathe any minute of last night's session. :) ” (A.M)

Set a goal and enjoy the journey

”That was a great class!! I'm definitely gonna feel that tomorrow haha. The day I can run comfortably again will be a happy one for me! ” (L.M)

Heavy lift - No Sweat!

”I was filling the water softener tank at work today and realized I was lifting a 20kg (44lb) bag of salt like it was 3 lbs!” (N.P)

Size six!

”Thankful for…Size six pants. ” (S.E)

Good looking pants

”It's not YOUR pants that make my butt look good; it's MY butt that make your pants look good.” (n.p)

Super Fun

”Thank you for the great classes! They really are super fun and I'm feeling pretty good after week 1” (S.P)

Rediscovering little used muscles

”It was a pleasure joining you in this class. My muscles are indeed a bit sore in unusual places and I am curious how many more new places you might find next time! :)” (G.R)

Making it fun

”I just wanted to thank you for a great evening of exercise and wow, my body is feeling it today! It's been a while since I've worked out … so I've gotten more and more out of shape but I'm sore and feel great! Thank you for making it fun and I look forward to the next class tomorrow.” (A.H)


”My boobs are higher! (esthetician remarked to SkinnyLegs client)” (I.F)

Personal Best

”A quick thanks- today felt like a personal best for me!” (N.P)

Toned, strong, energized

”Thanks so much for having me out! I feel great!!! Toned, strong, energized and even tight! I'm sure I'll feel the rest tomorrow and I can't wait. That was awesome. You're such a great leader! See you soon! ” (Dr A.B)

Kicking my butt

”Few things, my inner thighs are killing! I think those new little weights are not only kicking my butt but my inner thighs too! WOO!! ” (L.C)


”I cursed you this morning as I tried to lift my legs to put on pants. But then the wool pants I haven't worn since last winter fell off my now smaller body and suddenly it was all okay. At least, it was until I had to find another pair of pants and lift my legs again. ” (S.E)


”That was the BEST class!” (N.P)

Still Kicks!

”I’ve been doing this a long time and it still kicks my butt!” (J.K)

Cardio was awesome

”Just wanted to say tonight was awesome! The cardio was awesome cause it was broken up and the music was great! I cant wait till tomorrow.” (L.C.)


”Thanks Susan! I enjoyed the class! Well, it nearly killed me, but in a good way” (L.S.)

Turning 30 and Feeling Great

”Thanks so much for all your help, support and cheerleading this summer! I am proud to say that when people asked how I felt about turning 30 (on July 30th), I said, "It's the first birthday that I've ever been able to do multiple types of push ups." That's huge for me” (A.J.)


Friend added “and it must be this (SKINNYLEGS) because she’s been working out her entire life” (K.G)


”Look! I’ve got a little line!” (pointing to newly created bicep definition!) (L.M.)

Love it!

”And Yes – my butt hurts, I love it!” (A.B)


”Last night's workout was INSANE. (In the best possible way, of course)” (R.N)

Changing the exercises

”You're right about changing the exercises every week making a difference - I felt very sore after the first week of (!), but rarely in consecutive weeks. Now I seem to find a few new sore places after each class;)” (M.K.)

We worked everything yesterday

”I can TOTALLY feel the butt muscles and around my hips where we worked everything yesterday. Feels AWESOME! :-)” (D.R.)

It's a good pain

”They (curtsy’s) never seem to get easier! It's a good pain tho;)” (M.K.)

Right on target!

”Just wanted to say that my inner thighs are sooooo sore from wednesday!! That's my problem area so I'm very excited about this!” (L.C.)

My A** is killing Me!

”It's always sore now! You can't get this in a gym!” (M.B.)


”The first thing I noticed is my butt is tighter!” (I.F.)

Hard as a Rock

”My hamstrings are hard as a rock!” (R.S)

The Best

”I have done everything, and this (SkinnyLegs!) is, by far, the best!” (M.B.)

What a workout!

”I loved the class! What a workout! I think I used muscles that I hadn’t used for a long time” (A.B.)

Amazing routine this week

”I can barely walk today. Amazing routine this week, I’m feeling the burn!” (C.C.)

Intense but amazing workout

”Intense but amazing workout. I missed it and am happy to be back. Won’t be able to walk tomorrow but glad to be back” (D.S.)

Feeling the benefits

”I am enjoying your classes and am feeling the benefits.” (D.B.)


”That was a FANTASTIC class!!! Looking forward to tonight :-)” (M.dJ.)

Enjoyed It

”Thanks for a great class last night. I really enjoyed it.” (S.H.)

BEST Workout!

”That was the BEST workout! I felt really strong AND survived the cardio” (D.R.)


”Since I have started exercising with you last April, I have lost 20 pounds! I almost never weigh myself but thought it was about time, and there you go! At the end of March I will ask you to do my measurements again, to see the year-end accomplishments” (J.K.)

Bikini Shopping

”I went bikini shopping and it wasn’t a horrible experience! I’m definitely skinnier!” (J.K.)

Real Workout

”I am sore all over today!” (M.K.)

Too Loose

”I spent the day hitching up my now too loose pants” (S.E.)

No Pinch!

”I zipped up last year's knee-high leather boots and this year they didn't pinch me!!” (R.N.)

Feeling It

”My arms, legs, and behind are feeling it today!”(M.K.)

You're shrinking

“A colleague came up to me on Monday and told me I was shrinking. She said she could tell that I’d been working out but that it had given me a nice shape. I wasn’t so bulky. That’s a testament to you and this program!” (S.E.)

Can't Wait

“It was so fun last night. Can't wait until tomorrow!” (H.H.)

Getting Tight

“By the way- I am noticing my stomach getting tighter and I love it!!” (K.G.)

Way Harder

“And just so you know I feel like skinnylegs is way harder… it's killing me!” (L.C.)

Best Workout

“Have you heard of Skinny legs?? Go to www.skinnylegs.ca best workout I've ever had!” (L.C.)


“It was a great class last night. I really like how challenging it is.” (H.H.)

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